• "My son and his family live in Germany.  I have a 2 year old granddaughter.  Without high speed internet provided to us in this part of rural Vermont by ECFiber, I was unable to Skype with my family.  A one minute video would take hours to download versus minutes with EC Fiber.  Having high speed internet makes it possible to take part in their lives.  I also subscribe to the EC Fiber phone service.  The rates for overseas calls are so much better than my previous carrier.  Thank you ECFiber for bringing us into the 21st century.”

      —Dana Bargezi, Barnard, VT

    • "I have nothing but positive things to say about how I have been treated by everyone associated with ECFiber - from Jen to the sub-contractor who blew the line to Gavin - everyone has been incredibly nice, honest, and easy to work with."

      —Sharon, Vt

    • Jeannie and I had the pleasure of the Klinck Brothers installing our router and battery back up today.Two very nice and knowledgeable guys! We are both very excited to have this phenomenal speed.  Thanks for all your help!

      —Terry Ross, Barnard, VT

    • Just like to report that Gavin stopped by yesterday to complete the installation of EC Fiber inside the house... we now feel a part of the correct century here!  Gavin worked quickly and his installation was truly professional, ditto the fellows who came earlier and strung the fiber from the road, through a conduit, and to the house... real pros, all of them!  We're now online with speeds we couldn't have imagined before... no more trips to the library with our laptop for large downloads!  Thanks EC Fiber! – H. Roberts, Norwich  

      —Harry Roberts

    • “Randal and Alex Vaughn have created two new online businesses based in Barnard. This was only possible due to the high speed internet service provided by municipally owned ECFiber. The two new businesses are different but related. The first is StartStreamingVideo.com, a business that provides How-To knowledge to video content creators from the casual Youtube user to advanced users and even to those who want to create online video content professionally. The other business is CNOW.tv, a web TV network that produces LIVE and pre-recorded custom web video content privately and for hire. Both services will be making their internet debut in the next couple of months.”

      —Randal Vaughn, Barnard, VT

    • "The great thing about switching our phone to ECF is how clear the voices are. On a rainy day like today the copper lines would be so noisy that I would barely be able to hear the person I was talking with! The most important thing I want to communicate to you is what a great employee you have with Gavin. He is polite and does not treat we Luddites as idiots. He is able to explain the technology in a manner that is understandable. He is very efficient and arrives on or before his scheduled appointment time. It is also nice that he is a local."

      —Susan; Sharon, Vt

    • It is great to work with a company who is so responsive to our needs. EC Fiber delivers results in a timely manner and makes the process effortless."   --- C. Monica Kaczyk Harvest Moon Design, Inc., Barnard  

      —C. Monica Kaczyk, Harvest Moon Design, Inc.

    • Just a note to say I appreciate the thought, values, and overall integrity that go in to ECFiber's policies.


    • “Hi all, I just wanted to take a minute to say that the phone service has been working flawlessly for us and that, if you should ever decide to use a different service, I would not want it to leave out the feature that sends voice messages to my email account. Its so quick and convenient and I don't have to remember to pick up the phone when I get home to check messages. Keep up the good work!”

      —D in Barnard

    • ECFiber "your community-owned connection to the world" just hooked us up! Now we will have state of the art, wicked fast internet and decent phone service for the very first time! !! HOORAY! HOORAY for ECFiber!

      —Dr. Carol Boerner, Vermont Facial Aesthetics, Norwich, VT

    • Just writing to let you know that the EC Fiber connection works great. It makes such a difference in my work; now I can send files quickly and do on-line research without trying up the phone. Amazing difference! I also want to say how great your workers Corey and Gavin were. Corey was here for the original installation. It had been a long day and our job was more complicated that had been estimated. He stayed calm and focused throughout. He and Gavin came back on a different day for the phone. They were both so knowledgeable about technical matters, as well as being good at explaining. It really was a pleasure to work with them.

      —E.Ferry, Barnard

    • "ECFiber provided great service and personal support to connect my off-grid homestead. It's greatly enhanced my capabilities in the professional and legislative work that I do."

      —Teo Zagar, Barnard, VT

    • “Thanks to ECFiber and the super speed of my internet connection I have been able to significantly reduce my Direct TV bill by using streaming video for movies without having to download them. My local and international phone bill has been reduced to almost nothing. More importantly, the technology has enabled me to offer video-conferencing and web based, syncronous distance learning courses at the University level, and will save me, my students, and the environment thousands of commuting miles per year.”

      —Juan Florin, Barnard, VT

    • “Thank goodness for your internet! My kids needed it to be able to do their school work. Much of their research and handing in their homework is through email and the internet. Before we had you, I would have to stay in town when the library was open for them to use their internet. Now we can do it from the comfort of our own home and whenever it is needed. Also I can pay my bill online from home and not work. Thank You.”

      —Lisa Lemmer, Bethel, VT

    • I am pleased to express my satisfaction with your  service. Although I am not a business man,I am retired and an enthusiastic user of my computer. The enhancement broad band provides has made email and researching the web much more fun and rewarding. I would never want to go back to the electronic equivalent of "snail mail."

      —BM, Barnard

    • "Basically, saved my business with extremely courteous staff, no-nonsense tech folks, and really reliable and fast 20 meg service 24x7. Even my friends in Silicon Valley are jealous."


    • I moved into town from Washington DC and ECFiber got me up and running with faster internet than I have ever had. They even sent a tech support guy within 20 min of me calling when I had a problem with the setup. Happy to be here in VT and ECFiber has made the transition easy!

      —Nick, South Royalton


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ANNOUNCEMENT: ECFiber Expands Wicked Fast Internet to areas of Randolph and Norwich

Royalton VT – October 6, 2015

The East Central Vermont Community Fiber-Optic Network (ECFiber) added 12 more miles of fiber-to-the-home routes in September. Full fiber-optic network is available for the first time in Randolph on VT. Please click here to see the full press release.

ECFiber is a consortium of 24 towns in East-Central Vermont. We are building a community-owned, fiber-optic network to deliver high-speed Internet to every home, business, and civic institution in our territory. Our top priority is reaching as many unserved locations as possible, with a focus on back roads and outlying neighborhoods. For an overview of the routes we’ve built since starting construction in 2011, click on the Interactive Service Area Map, to the left.

Please consider joining with us, whether as a subscriber, an investor, or both, in this effort to help build a sustainable Vermont economy. To learn more about our mission, click on the links below.

- What is Home-grown Funding?

– Who is ECFiber? Why build a high-speed, fiber-optic network along back roads? What does “community-owned” mean? Learn the answers to these questions, and more, by visiting the About Us page.

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