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ANNOUNCEMENT: ECFiber Expands Wicked Fast Internet to areas of Randolph and Norwich

Royalton VT – October 6, 2015

The East Central Vermont Community Fiber-Optic Network (ECFiber) added 12 more miles of fiber-to-the-home routes in September. Full fiber-optic network is available for the first time in Randolph on VT. Please click here to see the full press release.

ECFiber is a consortium of 24 towns in East-Central Vermont. We are building a community-owned, fiber-optic network to deliver high-speed Internet to every home, business, and civic institution in our territory. Our top priority is reaching as many unserved locations as possible, with a focus on back roads and outlying neighborhoods. For an overview of the routes we’ve built since starting construction in 2011, click on the Interactive Service Area Map, to the left.

Please consider joining with us, whether as a subscriber, an investor, or both, in this effort to help build a sustainable Vermont economy. To learn more about our mission, click on the links below.

– What is Home-grown Funding?

– Who is ECFiber? Why build a high-speed, fiber-optic network along back roads? What does “community-owned” mean? Learn the answers to these questions, and more, by visiting the About Us page.


Who is ECFiber? Why build a high-speed, fiber optic network along back roads? Learn more. http://t.co/NTAodr2Vnh http://t.co/vYrbbLTSFw
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